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marc garrett marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Mon Aug 25 10:02:17 EST 2008

Hi Felipe,

Your project 'DesCentro' looks socially connected. I read the project 
details and it seemed pretty interesting, it reminds me of Node.London 
06 (www.nodel.org) - I was wondering if you have ever heard of this project?

"NODE.London - Networked, Open, Distributed, Events. A "season of media 
arts" began October 2005 and then grew massively, as a socially, 
networked project throughout March 2006 as a distributed festival by a 
number of individuals and groups in London, England. In March, there 
were around 150 media art projects organized in over 40 locations 
ranging from exhibitions, screenings installations, participatory 
events, performance-based work, to other forms."

Here is a link to what Ruth Catlow & myself from furtherfield wrote 
about Node.London:
States of Interdependence.

Because your project seems to be dealing with the issue of 
infrastructure as well working with many people, I was wondering how 
that went? Here your document says "DesCentro has an executive board of 
6 people and a consulting board of nearly 20 people from all around the 
country. All of them are people with a relevant background in our 
interest areas. DesCentro has also open instances, such as a mailing 
list and one open conference every year. We plan to release open calls 
for projects within a year or two, to which anybody will be free to apply."

Node.London began with a few people, then it kind of changed shape when 
we all tried working with a model of consensus, it was not easy - in 
some cases it worked and sometimes it didn't, did you try anything 
similar, if so how did it go?


Marcus Bastos wrote:
 > could you, please, introduce yourself as a complement to the links you
 > sent (btw, where is the English version of http://pub.descentro.org/?
 > I did not find it...).

There is no english version so far, but we wrote this last year:

As for introducing myself, metareciclagem + descentro + bricolabs
covers a lot of my interests and background ;) What else? I am from
Brazil, with no special academic degree, and have been involved with
different contexts related to media*, open* and free*, both in activist 
networks and large-scale government projects. Me and others have been 
trying to understand and build upon possibilities to go beyond the very 
limited brazilian cultural infrastructures. Often we have seen ourselves 
asking about where are the boundaries between 'to hack' and 'to be 
hacked', and living in that edge has brought some insights. 'Me' is but 
another part of that.

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