[-empyre-] Re: terrorism

sdv at krokodile.co.uk sdv at krokodile.co.uk
Thu Feb 7 07:48:08 EST 2008

John Haber wrote:

>sdv, I think we're just talking past each other.  I suppose it didn't
>help that the sentence in which I said that I didn't find Bush's
>category valid was also the one you queried me as not making any sense. 
>It may still allow one to be upset about disparate events that you
>happen to list, just as I'm not too keen on the bombing of civilians
>that came to dominate wars starting with WWII. 
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My mistake,  I assumed on reading the sentence that (you felt) you had 
to accept and reply to the universal category ("condoning terrorism or 
not"). I misunderstood your note and assumed that you were writing from 
within the category. I still don't see how what you have written rejects 
the logic of terror as the right produces it.


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