[-empyre-] Nonsite as recovery

John Haber jhaber at haberarts.com
Mon Jan 14 02:09:58 EST 2008

Renate and Tim, that sounds fascinating.  How neat to encounter the 
sites like that in person.

I definitely don't want to trivialize them and their politics by 
reducing it to the idiotic installations out there. Conversely, the 
question of how a generation still rooted in nonrepresentational 
structures (or in views of history a little like the t coordinate in 
physics) can still have political resonance isn't easy.

I'm going actually to circle back myself, to end with a claim that it's 
at least as much about social issues in America as ever. I feel 
pretentious even now when I think about saying it! However, I think the 
problem of placing that against some toothlessness is real, and I'm 
first going to throw out something about that.


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