[-empyre-] re: Nonsite as information, forward from Johannes Birringer

Christina McPhee christina at christinamcphee.net
Mon Jan 14 12:19:31 EST 2008

Btw, a technical note,

re  :  this attribution
>> " On Jan 13, 2008, at 8:35 AM, Christina McPhee wrote: " ... etc. x

The quote below is from a text by Johannes Birringer, not me. It's  
attributed to my name by the mailman software because I had to   
forward his post. Please, -empyreans- all,  don't put attachments or  
rich text  or html into your posts.  if you do, to be fair to your  
voices, as moderators we have to repost everything and then your ideas  
will go on deathlessly into the digital night bearing one of our  
appellations whether you  like it or not.   Thanks Brett for noticing  
that it's from Johannes in your remark.

> On Jan 13, 2008, at 8:35 AM, Christina McPhee wrote:
>> I am not sure that i instinctively understand the comparison  
>> between the Kantian notions of beauty/sublime, or the poetic  
>> dimensions of, say, 19th century transcendentalist landscape/ 
>> painting or Hölderlin's writings, and the functional distinction  
>> between data and information, i can;'t quite follow this into the  
>> Smithson practice of working on site.  I will need to read more of  
>> the previous posts.
>>>> His spiral of earth, slowly
>> sinking into the Great Salt Lake, could almost parody a Sol LeWitt
>> wall drawing. But had he foreseen a digital universe, would he ever
>> have entered the gallery?>>
>> surely, yes. the digital does not change the real (eixstence of  
>> visual arts / galleries / institutions of display).
>> the digital also does not affect sites. (nor their mirrors).
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