[-empyre-] On P*******t P*******e

John Hopkins jhopkins at neoscenes.net
Wed Jan 16 12:50:20 EST 2008

>To add salt to the wounds on this  issue of passport privilege and 
>site/non-site, I just want to say, that at this moment our mailman 
>software at COFA is apparently censoring Naeem's  email so that his 
>posts must be reposted through the moderator, or else they 
>completely disappear.  In the past years (in late 2006) I recall 
>that the filters were censoring in re Arabic/Islamic nomenclature, 
>does anyone recall this?  it was in connection with the month that 
>Ana Valdes moderated on Palestinian issues.   I am chagrined beyond 
>belief that the list moderating interface doesnt pemit us any way to 
>address this situation and that I must appeal to the College of Fine 
>Arts In Sydney adminstrator whom I do not know. Apparently someone 
>at the COFA has set up filters for their lists and -empyre- is 
>adversely affected.

I'm really surprised that empyre doesn't cut with this server -- 
although I konw that the COFA sysadmin people are quite nice, it 
seems that the mailing list software is incredibly problematic for 
running this list.  It has been confusing so many times with the 
frequency of the moderators re-posting someone else's posts, bounces, 
and other strange gymnastics -- why don't we roll this over to a more 
stable and friendly situation -- like the Thing, or somewhere else 
that at least runs friendly list servers...

It's like being constantly prodded by the invisible admin as to how 
we have chosen to communicate...

I would offer my own server for this if there was a serious 
consideration to migrate -- I host five or six lists and don't have 
anything like the trouble that seems to plague empyre...


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