[-empyre-] what is a station?

Terry Hargrave thargrav at calpoly.edu
Wed Jan 16 10:08:36 EST 2008

A station - to be participatory-- is transitory, is non- 
hierarchical...in contrast to a 'terminal' , an ending or goal-- in a  
station, flows. if such a place is not branded it may not be 'seen' by  
the media eye, by global information; so are stations invisible or  
slipping in and out of the visible?

I am thinking of the Dubai security 'station'  or the Whitney  
Biennial, probably not-stations, though maybe at their edges.
On Jan 15, 2008, at 12:50 PM, John Haber wrote:

> The uses of "passport" is ironic enough that I hope they staged it  
> just
> for us this week.  You know, it occurs to me that while globalization,
> technologies, art fairs, and so on break certain boundaries or absorb
> certain discrete entities, there might be as a contrary effect a
> creation of local styles as brand identification. This would be
> increased by at least two other effects: the felt need for a  
> substitute
> for Modernism's art movements and the even greater reliance on certain
> key art schools as filters for overworked dealers in a more crowded
> system.
> Thus it's easier on entering a gallery to shrug and say right away,  
> oh,
> s/he's from Germany or LA or NYC or ....  And this might sometimes  
> be a
> shorthand, I suspect for s/he's close to the style of the Becker's or
> the Leipzig painters or Cal Arts or Yale....  The coming Whitney
> Biennial list of artists is of course concentrated in LA and NY,  
> without
> the unusual 2006 emphasis on artists born overseas but working in
> America and vice versa.
> John
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