[-empyre-] another explanation in re lost posts

Christina McPhee christina at christinamcphee.net
Thu Jan 17 00:15:13 EST 2008

Good question.  Melinda Rackham  chose  -empyre-'s plain text  
convention when she began the list in 2002. It was a formal criterion.  
She wished to keep the -empyre- space totally text based.... -empyre- 
iconoclastic-  .   The moderating team has tried to stick with  
Melinda's editorial choices and try to make decisions about this kind  
of thing together.  Nonetheless Mr. O'Brien yesterday removed this  
particular content-filter .   Maybe that's going to help. Why Naeem's  
posts bounced and disappeared is still a mystery since he was writing  
in plain text.

On Jan 16, 2008, at 12:22 AM, sdv at krokodile.co.uk wrote:

> Perhaps someone should explain exactly why the list and the  
> university insists on 'plain text'  ?
> fascinating and useful discussion by the way.
> sdv
> Christina McPhee wrote:
>> Hi -empyre-
>> The COFA systems adminstrator, Damien O'Brien,  has introduced  
>> himself  with the note, below. He has also made himself a moderator  
>> of our  list.   He's suggesting that the 'suspicious header'  
>> problem might be  caused by  hidden coding in gmail accounts.  So  
>> that's a new  explanation, and if it proves correct, then our fears  
>> are unwarranted.
>> Thanks for your patience in this matter.
>> -cm

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