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Christina McPhee christina at christinamcphee.net
Fri Jan 18 05:15:10 EST 2008

Thanks so much, Katherine and Srdjan!  The students they're referring  
to take part  in a new seminar I 'm offering  at the University of  
California-Santa Cruz, Department of Film and Media.  Srdjan,  
Katherine and Naeem were all able to join us remotely last night  via  
video skype,  from Philadelphia and New York respectively, and talk  
about "Lost Highways",(SMS)  and  "Disappeared in America" (Naeem) and  
relate  to these large themes about public space and participation.   
It was great, chatting live.

A 'station' --  as when documentary film can be seen in a museum space  
in short takes as people connect with it at will, wandering in and out  
of spaces-- self-organizing around works, distracted, connect or  
not--- understand/misunderstand, or not-- I like the fluidity ...   
ephemerality.  is there  healing or transformation in these contact  
zones-just in the way the 'station' sets itself up-- or is this  
aspiring to too much?  Srdjan and Katherine, the Balkan wars must  
still be a present memory there, along the former 'highway of  
brotherhood.'  in your encounters with artists, designers, architects  
and other participants in the Lost Highways project,  in some cities  
did people bring up the wounds of war or, not? is the pace of change  
over to market capitalism so fast that people are just moving on as  
quickly as possible?  or, what themes did they really engage in, if  
not the the aftereffects of war?


On Jan 16, 2008, at 7:06 PM, School of Missing Studies wrote:

> For the UCSC students, here are links that we mentioned during our  
> skype chat:
> Networked Cultures
> http://www.networkedcultures.org/
> Also projects that we were part of that sparked SMS and LHE:
> Interactive Normalization
> http://www.normalgroup.net/normalization/
> www.project-go-home.com
> Nomads and Residents
> www.nomadsresidents.org

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