[-empyre-] "can cities 'know' things?"

Christina McPhee christina at christinamcphee.net
Fri Jan 18 09:11:16 EST 2008

hi all,

Srdjan, you write eloquently about the riddles inside the complexities  
of what you call arranged space to constructed culture, in cities..

you ask,

Can cities 'know' things?


"What if cities were to act as "knowledge" that was in a sense  
suppressed or , even, oppressed under the siege of 'culture'?

How do you create in each city you work in, 'a iste for scouting and  
detecting missing knowledge?"

the old rhetoric of 'knowledge is power' you've playfully inverted  
into 'missing knowledge is power" -

Katherine and Srdjan this is one of the coolest intrigues of your  
work, this little trigger on the pulse of 'missing'...  please give us  
a story or anecdote or two how this played out along the "Lost  
Highway" ... in Zagreb for example, or Ljubljana....

( re quotes: I 've been reading Srdjan's essay "School of Missing  
Studies", which appears in the book "Did Someone Say Participate? An  
Atlas of Spatial Practice," Markus Miessen and Shumon Basar, eds, MIT  
Press 2006.)


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