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I don't see the irony on the case of the zapatistas, who are exercing
the real control of the Lacandon forest since many years or in Gaza,
where people (not only Hamas or Islamic Jihads but people) have taken
distance from centralized decisions which are often not concerned with
their own specifical needs or peculiarities.
The process of centralization has often been an authoritarian process
driven from up to down, in France it was Paris which fueled the
crusade against the Cathars in the 13th century, it's Rome who is seen
as the guilty part regarding Sicilien and Neapel, it's Madrid who is
insensible to the reivindications of Catalogne and the Basques
For me temporary autonomus zones are places where the central power is
suspended for one reason or the other and the people and their own
grassroots organizations claim the administration.

On Jan 20, 2008 3:18 PM, John Haber <jhaber at haberarts.com> wrote:
> Am I crazy, or does the "autonomy" in "temporary autonomous zones" when
> it describes something like the Gaza strip or anywhere with people
> suffering displacement, violence, poverty, and lack of voice in
> governance have to come with one heck of a lot of irony.
> There are limits to the concept of cities as uniquely constructed
> entities that should be mentioned.  It comes a little too close for
> comfort to the American myths that align oppositions of nature/culture,
> freedom/civilization, east coast and wilderness, and it also has a way
> of leaving out suburbs and highway culture, themselves sustained in part
> by government funding and in part by just those myths.  Returning to
> Smithson, one can see the earthworks, again, not simply as seeking the
> sublime outside the city but as dismantling the opposition.  I'd rather
> explore cities as both specific and multiple cultural sites.
> John
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