[-empyre-] Re: empyre Digest, Vol 38, Issue 14

John Haber jhaber at haberarts.com
Tue Jan 22 01:57:29 EST 2008

Greg:  "I don't think you can map the TAZ onto spaces like Gaza."  I 
agree.  I'm afraid Ana's boast of the autonomy there reminds me of the 
Wall Street Journal party line in which anarchy and impoverishment are 
the highest form of liberty. 

SDV: "psychogeography and geophilosophy."  Of course, it would be a 
consciousness far more divided than even in a Freudian imagination.  
I've argued elsewhere that waling the streets of a city makes one aware 
of an unusual intersection of structure and chance as well as public and 
private spaces, and that this has parallels to art's spaces, as in the 
kind that lead to conflict over "controversial" works of art.  I was at 
the time suggesting that this meant a cultural center had a particular 
urgency at Ground Zero, but that was too literal an extension of the 
argument.  I was trying too hard to take a political stance after some 
conservatives had denounced art from the Drawing Center as unpatriotic 
and the Drawing Center had replied by pleading its patriotism. 


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