[-empyre-] Re: "Terror’s Fine, Wish You Were Here" by Kathryn Shattuck

Cara Walz bumblepuppy at kc.rr.com
Wed Jan 23 15:03:00 EST 2008


> So strange how a name or a look or a colored passport of the "other" 
> becomes more real to the stranger than his or her own common sense 
> perceptions, fueled, of course, by territory and terror. Symbol trumps 
> all, I suppose.

You all must realize I've been living in this humble burg under a 
basically fascist national regime for eight years now, so I've lost all 
patience with this nonsense and that story makes me go "eeek," but I'm 
not a bit surprised. And unfortunately I do not have dual citizenship 
or the resources needed to get the heck out.

My point was that there is still a provincial pride in nurturing a 
"euro-centric" culture here, thus his name AND his work were well 
received. I exist within a certain non-site, a small midwestern 
american city, and I appreciate Smithson (and others) who struggle 
mightily to break what I fear is the perpetual myth of culture vs. 
nature, where "nature" always means "other".

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