[-empyre-] an end and a start

Jason Nelson heliopod at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 2 00:33:16 EST 2008


This truncated month and its strange premise of creating words and worlds
and creative writing on those user entered net spaces is coming to an
end.  So.....

For those of you who have started creating these texts, I can see google
has already picked up a few, I ask that you send me all your links
or screen shots....to my address  (heliopod at yahoo) and I will post
them into a blog of sorts.

What I am encouraged by is the debate that has started, the interest
in what makes these spaces unique, how they relate to Spam, and other
user driven content shovers, and the possibilities for creating 
words on the net.   

Also I am more than charmed by the words many of you have built and
how they commented on, not only the space they lived, but the larger
culture. not to mention just damn pretty words.

I hope we can have a bit more structured and better moderated *bad Jason*
creative experiment again on this lovely list.

But in the meantime...again...those that created I thank you...and those
new folks to the list...like the ever lovable jeremy.....I thank you...

oh and send your links and screen shots my way...and I will turn them
into something curious and interest gathering...

cheers, Jason


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