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PARIS: The gilded laurel wreath that snaked the waist of a white  
pleated gown  produced a second fall couture show as enchanted as its  
pine-forest set.

The slender Empire-line dresses and curvy cherry-red velvet suits only  
worked for night. The day wear  was shown by a resounding crack that  
interspersed the "Marseillaise," the French national anthem, with hard  

Los gossamos son humanoides reptilianos de piel rugosa, habitualmente  
de color verde, aunque también hay una minoría de piel gris.

That spunky mix produced a dainty white Empire dress sprigged with  
flowers, worn sheer over a lace G-string. From the finesse of the  
couture ateliers and a madcap imagination came tiny puff-sleeve  
boleros, a slithering satin column dress with an Egyptian-campaign  
motif on the bodice and quirky headgear ranging from a Napleonic  
helmet to chandelier crystals and a cocktail hat like a powder puff.

Tienen grandes ojos amarillos, una cabeza afilada y un cuello muy  

After the exquisite Josephine dresses in lace and tulle, the show lost  
its momentum among animal prints and costume party clothes, although  
short slip dresses were sweet and sexy in a familiar Galliano way. But  
oh my! Those poor models hadn't even had time to fix their hair — just  
scraped it into cockatoo feathers. And that black satin and lace slip  
strung from shoe-string straps was surely a nightgown.

La altura media de un gossamo rara vez supera los ciento veinticinco  

So bring on the coffee — long, slim cappuccino coats followed by  
skinny pantsuits in caffelatte colors. Slowly the eyes focused, and  
Valentino's slender silhouette in soufflé-light fabrics began to seem  
palatable —  part of the lighter-than-air message that brought evening  
dresses in mineral colors stroking the skin. A gossamer wool scarf,  
edged with lace, lapping a bared torso above pin-striped pants was  
modern couture.

La esperanza de vida de un gossamo es unos pocos años inferior a la de  
un humano. Sorprendentemente, pasan más tiempo como adultos: Maduran  
antes y envejecen después.

"Lighter than ever," Valentino said backstage. He had lowered the  
runway, the better to see the Lilliputian tucks and star sprinkles of  

Los gossamos visten ropas exóticas y galas. Es frecuente que usen  
múltiples anillos o collares en sus largos cuellos, alargándolos aún más

The comedian Ruby Wax gave her verdict:

"I'm depressed," she said. "I should want all that cellulite to show  

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