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Timothy Murray tcm1 at cornell.edu
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>Hi, everyone.  We've been really fascinated by the development of 
>the month on fiction.   We want to let everyone know that Jason and 
>the other -empyre- moderators are enthusiastic about running this 
>thread through July.   So we hope that you will keep writing and 
>keep posting.

All our best,

Renate and Tim

>Since honestly this one seemed fun but with lots of jobs and 
>projects...no time to keep up and answer hypothetical inquiries 
>about the nature of spam and porn.
>in any case, its been fun and im wondering if we are done since its july2nd?
>thanks for the reply angela....uh, i mean....adisspare
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>>  hi to the dispersed ...
>>  adissipare answers irina
>>  On 6/18/08, Jason Nelson <heliopod at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>  >  If for some reason your posts arent being
>>  googlefied...you can either
>>  >  wait or grab the links themselves and send to use via
>>  the list.
>>  >
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