[-empyre-] start of july......directions

Jason Nelson heliopod at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 16 16:03:20 EST 2008

Ok....great we have ONE!!!   Thanks Andrew you rock. 
Ok so lets do this....everyone add something to the following. use a new
number for your new section and add your initials as below. Again feel
more than free to jump around and add anything. Such as theory, lists, numbers, code poetry or whatever.  

1. With the brakes chewed, their front axel pops over the planters. And with a spooling swerve they crash their van past the front porch into a mud thatched oak. (JN)  

2. "Now its your turn," Whistler laughs. "I think she's good for one more." The way his left eye bulged still bothers Denim, but he knows better than to say anything, especially when Whistler is in this kind of mood. (AK)

3. But they were car poor. Such high tops, as in shoes. Not Whistler's shoes as he is shoe rich. Jeans as names and the birds, those moody fear mongers, can lift the trees, such bark heavy alarms. (JN)


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