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"just as it is insufficient to think 
of  a politics that abstracts itself from the domain of the state, 
creating spaces outside of the state, new sites of resistence.  Contrary 
to this naive approach surely the issue is to take control of the 
state-apparatus,  which contains the implication that artists, 
craftspeople and users should take control of the art and cultural 

>From my perspective the various nation-states, and particularly the largest
of them, are fundamental for any grasp of domination in the present. I
believe that anyone who wants to know the reality with which she will come
to grips, must become keenly aware of the state-form, of its particular
composition at any given place or moment.

At the same time, from my perspective the possibility of taking control of
these entities called states does not exist.

I can be fairly assured that for the remainder of my mortal days, the art
and cultural industry will be controlled by more-or-less well-meaning
cretins who will aim to reconcile the singular producers of culture with
some statistical averages of "what people like" or "what people are willing
to hear". I don't expect anything from a 1% to 5% fluctuation in the
so-called "consciousness" of these averages. None of this prevents me from
working in the most open, generous and rigorous way possible. None of this
prevents me from voting or even campaigning for lesser evils. It only
prevents me from believing in illusions.

We are minorities. Get used to it.

best, Brian

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