[-empyre-] creative interventions in the borderlands

lotu5 lotu5 at resist.ca
Mon Jun 2 07:32:46 EST 2008

Ah damn, its june 1st, so I guess this month's awesome topic is over. It 
looks like you all had a lively discussion. I was hoping to have the 
time during this month to join the discussion, but thesis writing took 
all of my attention. Sorry for the very late intervention!

If I had had time, I would've written something about the projects I've 
been working on, namely Sharing is Sexy [ http://sharingissexy.org ] , 
which is a queer open source porn laboratory, which I see as a creative 
form of biopolitical resistance to control over bodies through the free 
proliferation of images of new genders and sexualities and through 
community building online and offline.

If I had more time, I would've also written about the Boredom Patrol of 
the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army [ http://circasd.org and 
http://youtube.com/lotu5 ] , which I was a part of, and our use of 
imagination and the figure of the clown as a way to disrupt and subvert 
the plane of conflict created by the network of anti-immigrant forces 
around the San Diego / Tijuana border, including paramilitaries like the 
Minutemen, but also ICE, police, etc.

The basis for these projects has been, in my opinion, to find a way to 
use desire and pleasure as a basis for political struggle, to find 
methods of resistance which fulfill our desires instead of always 
draining our energies.

One of the main forms of "intervention" that these projects use is 
online public space, on YouTube or in porn, as a way of interjecting 
some disturbance into the massive flows of media already occurring 
there, trying to go to where people's attention already is focused. 
Although the Boredom Patrol's intervention also occurs in physical 
spaces where the Minutemen are.

Both of these projects have also been presented in various artistic 
contexts, at universities, in galleries and in artistic publications and 

I have great respect for many of the groups and people who've posted 
this month, and I hope to be able to revisit the discussion in the near 

If you have any questions, or ties to the discussion, I'm happy to respond!




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