[-empyre-] Re: empyre Digest, Vol 43, Issue 2

blakkbyrd blakkbyrd at yahoo.com.au
Thu Jun 5 05:44:49 EST 2008

On 02/06/2008, at 4:00 AM, empyre-request at lists.cofa.unsw.edu.au wrote:

>> If I had had time, I would've written something about the projects
>> I've been working on, namely Sharing is Sexy [ http:// 
>> sharingissexy.org
>>  ] , which is a queer open source porn laboratory, which I see as a
>> creative form of biopolitical resistance to control over bodies
>> through the free proliferation of images of new genders and
>> sexualities and through community building online and offline.
>  lotu5

Pornography is defined as "material that subordinates or degrades women"

not a feminist then?

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