[-empyre-] june empyre writing experiment

Jason Nelson heliopod at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 7 03:05:34 EST 2008


Excuse the delay. I'm (Jason Nelson) in airports and buses for
the next day or so. So June is going to start a week late. 

But for this month, I want to try an experiment, to use the list as a
conduit for playing with creative writing on the net.  I've included
a description below, but will elaborate and explain more in a few days.
Though, do know that this is an experiment, the chance to develop and play with a new e-lit form.

The lovely and longstanding discussion list, Empyre invites E-lit creators/theorist to participate in a dispersed writing experiment. The description of the project is included below. 
For the June, 2008 Empyre discussion (beginning June 7th), I want to try a writing experiment. There are no concrete rules, but rather I want to encourage everyone to play and explore methods/chances/ideas for placing writing around the net, to create/built/spin out nonlinear, internet dispersed fiction, poetics or creative non-fiction. Semantic word labels aside, any text really.  

So what is this?  (Some more samples:   http://www.arcticacre.com

Dispersed Fiction/Poetry is when writers utilize net conduits or places where users can enter data on the net for their creative writing. For example,  Review Sections in places like Cnet.com or Amazon or Ebay Entries or forums or googlegroups or Ask Yahoo etc....Using these places/spaces,  writers can create  a series of poems, create a character, a story, etc...which is then entered into these places. The writing most both address/play with the ideas/products etc....contained on the page the writing is entered. For example someone might write a strange story about dogs and include part of it on a fake Amazon review of a dog book  Or someone might create poems within Delicious reviews or in the forums of Metacritic.

During the month people on the list will experiment with this writing form. Exploring how it effects their wordsmithing, responses from other users of forums or review sections, and any and all other issues and possibilities which arise.  In addition, after the first week of entering/creating textual bits in these net spaces,  crossovers can happen if multiple writers engage each other's text on these forums and groups, commenting on other's reviews or extending their poetics and fiction bits.

To "read" these works, we can explore various methods. Initially, I would suggest simply sending urls, or screen shots or web site grabs. I will create a flickr account for the screen shots.

Additionally, as a group we will use the same keyword so all dispersed writing can be read via a keyword search. Individual writers might want to add their own keywords.

A bit of a warning: As most review sections/forums/groups are moderated, sometimes your writing will either be deleted quickly or refused before being published. Therefore, you might enter your text in multiple locations to ensure its appearance. 

Also, to begin I want to avoid Myspace and Facebook. Later in the month we might play in these lands. 

cheers, Jason Nelson


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