[-empyre-] June Starts Now (then) Step One

Jason Nelson heliopod at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 9 01:57:36 EST 2008


As my previous post mentioned, I am trying a bit of an experiment this month. My invited guests arent all here yet, but this month is more about list wide creative writing. But do welcome Mark Marino from the Electronic
Literature Organization.

Here again is what this month is all about:

We will all (hopefully at least most) be writing what I am calling Dispersed Fiction, where we will create characters and then tell the story
of those character via their posts on the web. By posts I mean places
 where users can enter reviews, forums, rating sites, comment sections etc
(not myspace etc yet). The posts must address in some small way the 
content/theme where they are posted. For example posting a Stereo review
 should have vague resemblance to the stereo, as well as tell part of the
story of the character you created. 

Again I've gone over this in much greater detail in my post yesterday.

To do list:

1. So to begin....first, since you will be posting all over the web, I 
suggest you create a new e-mail address to use for signing up to those

2. You will be creating a character whose story will be revealed in their posts on the net.  Think where would they go on the net? Where would
they post? what would they write?  

3. Send your character description to the list as soon as possible, meaning in the next few days.

4. Tomorrow I will send out a keyword that all posts should contain.
That way they will become searchable when the posts are published.
But do know that many times posts are deleted, moderated or never
published. So spread posts out for maximum impact. 

5. Then as the days and weeks go by we will develop this larger group
wide dispersed narrative floating on the net. In addition I will create
a site to archive all the characters and their posts. 

5. Hopefully you all have lots of questions so ask away.

cheers, Jason


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