[-empyre-] Task One for the Empyre dispersed fiction project

simon swht at clear.net.nz
Mon Jun 9 19:56:35 EST 2008

dear <<empyre>>, dispersed about the ether and yet jamming it with 
chunks of character,

would it be all right and could I then forgo setting up another email 
account in order to and use the name simon, my own [sic.], and fabricate 
a character, my own [sic.], which could represent, so not and never be 
my own?

simon is not easy to characterise. He's even less accessible than an 
avatar, a character, a mask, or the actor behind such representations: 
is he reducible to his preferences? Of course, in so far as his 
preferences are not him. He is, after all, mere flesh and blood.

He is inconsistent. He is digitally opportunistic in terms of where he 
pops up, whether in a forum, or making a review. He is sometimes a she 
and sometimes an it and sometimes slides, without the lubricant of being 
part of a social network (so far!).

I will groom simon for the sale of brazilcoffee, because s/he is 
simon at brazilcoffee.co.nz! And yet how far from corporate 
identity-mongering; how far from the main-lining of capital! simon 
sneaks around, pretentious and ingenuous, throws his/her sticks as to 
where s/he'll pop up next, like some Cage wannabe[she]. S/he is an 
exercise in tone. Nothing more.

Hence my interest. But no matter.

Will this do?

(thank you, empyre, for an illuminating May; there was something I'd 
have liked to add to the idea of incarnation but I enjoyed too much the 
opening up of new and anexotic vistas for future exploration, to wit, 
errorism! I'd like to imagine that 'simon,' the character in this group 
fiction, could be the input into that discussion I missed making, that 
discussion which I feel ought to continue and which I wish will and to 
which I hope I will be party.)


Simon Taylor


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