[-empyre-] dispersed fiction: character: Joseph Remainard (iRemembr)

Jeremy Douglass jeremydouglass at gmail.com
Tue Jun 10 09:04:35 EST 2008

Hi empyre! I'm Jeremy Douglass (postdoctoral researcher in Software Studies
@ UCSD) and I'm going to be contributing to the dispersed fiction
conversation this month.

I've set up an email account for a character named Joseph Remainard (
iRemembr at gmail.com).  Joe is also iRemembr @ Amazon, del.icio.us, Wikipedia,

My concept for Joe's "iRemembr" internet user persona is based on a simple
constraint (that each textual unit must always begin with the words "I
remember") in addition to the project constraint (the text must always
contain or be annotated with "lostempyre").  All else is negotiable as the
month unfolds.

If that sounds interesting to you, you are welcome to join me in writing
Joe.  While everyone is of course free to create their own character, I'll
also welcome anyone who wants to collaborate on this character with me -
contact me for the password to Joe's email account, and you'll find the
passwords to his del.icio.us account, flickr account, etc. etc. all sitting
in his inbox - and of course, you can add more.  Hopefully this complicates
the experiment rather than subverting it.  I'm interested in general in the
idea of writing collectives as account-constellations (rather than the
default single-user/name).

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