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i´m in. i think its a great idea. the potencia of this conversation is only being uncovered. and there are many groups perhaps because fo teh space that didnt participate. it would be important to me to set things up so they could find a space-way-desire for participating. 
besos querida,

Date: Sat, 7 Jun 2008 15:09:25 -0300From: catadores at gmail.comTo: poopstarr at yahoo.com; empyre at lists.cofa.unsw.edu.auSubject: Re: [-empyre-] to brazil with loveCC: Hi! everyone!!im so glad to see daniel and felipe here, sharingsex too, and all you,we had a good conversation for sure this mouth,i would like we start to think in some encounter  in forum social world in belém amazonia  in next year...http://www.forumsocialmundial.org.br/noticias_01.php?cd_news=2432&cd_language=2 make something toguether  before or laterto the forum in that city: Belém! or near...   maybe we think too much in big urban places,i left sao paulo becouse it: everybody lives there thinks is the center of the world,like european people, they imagine the center of the world is europe and all the world is around this,amazonia is somethig so distant,,,,  Our "left" governament in Brasil is to try to became a europe as well...   development, progress, education, is egual a controle society..i dont know,,,,    its so boring think our alternative is became a europe!!!   sad, very sad...not because we dont have nice people here, of course we have , its not about europefobia, its about someidea of development the colectives of art, and activists have, and they just go to the poor worlds whit this ideasabout to make a leatle europe.  you think you are not? i think yes, you are, but maybe you save yourself becouse you have a good intention...   make movies whit poor children about how sad they are becouse they are not europe....have some sentences in this list like: say who really knows whats happend in america latina , i abomine...  becouse shows a way to see the world very white man logic  and alll this shit we want to destroy, i want!!!ok, i could go deeper, but i will stay here.this email was  just for say, i like too much this lists and we have to try make something in other scalei propouse amazonia for now....  what do you think????besos besosfabi
2008/5/27 Irina Contreras <poopstarr at yahoo.com>:
Ooops....just saw this too!icarus project might be interesting for you to look into Fabi!They are a radical (dare I say queer feminist) mental health collective. I think it started in new york city.Right now, seeing that a few of the members have participated in the Encuentros throughout Mexico, some of the members have been seeking to do this online encuentro. I am not involved so I cant speak to how it is going now but I know that it was not going so well before. Perhaps if you might like to be in touch with them I can introduce you to Madigan who is a part of it.I love collaborative international masturbation!Yea, I think that makes more sense to me as incarnation. I think also that experimentation is part of the answer were there to be such a thing. His/herstory is important as well but we should also be unafraid to make mistakes because we will inevitably anyway right? I guess that's where ERROR comes in right? (ha ha, there are a few of us wearing our I heart Error bags together in L.A!)But thanks for the links Fabi and no I do not think spiritual discourse and if it is, I think that it is also okay to make new whatever this leak into spirituality is connected to.Also, who is that person you mentioned at the end? Toni Negri?And one more thing too...Everyone all has their own separate ides of freedom, sexuality, politics etc....in some ways I think it's all semantics etc. But I like what you say about it being a little dangerous. I think it should be.Fabi, you might like my friend Mattilda Sycamore Bernstein....look her up!She has a website....Anyways, one thing I really can into with Mattilda is the idea of being able to criticize our friends and ourselves, our compas if you will. I think that that is part of love being revolutionary. Which is equally cheesy right but even Che said, whatever kind of a lost cause pop culture icon he might seem now...the idea is that love is a guiding principle as much as being pissed off is.xo--- On Mon, 5/26/08, fabi borges <catadores at gmail.com> wrote:> From: fabi borges <catadores at gmail.com>
> Subject: Re: [-empyre-] to brazil with love> To: archivocaminante at yahoo.com.ar, "soft_skinned_space" <empyre at lists.cofa.unsw.edu.au>> Date: Monday, May 26, 2008, 3:26 AM

> hei people!!!   Irina e Eduardo, jennifer, brians,> everybody!!>> first, i have to say my english is not so good, so,,,,> sorry some> mistakes...  hilan translate our answers> but we are waitting to be aproved em empire> (esquizotrans at gmail.com) for he> receive the list aswell.>>  Irina,,,,  i don't know  ícarus project, what about?>> and well,   erotism and politcs>> we can start talking about body control, control of> sexuality and excessive> producion about sexual desire,> we can talk about estereotips, models, fashions, the> control of abortion> (woman bodies)...  production of subjectivity or erotic> subjetivity>> we can talk about all feminism staff, or war against sida,> or queer and> homosexual moviment... glbtt, pornography economy and> pornography like a> social moviment too...>> everything i talk until now is sexo, body, erotism and> POLITICS....>> but...   we already know it..>> i thing the word incarnation eduardo brought here is very> important,> becouse to bring back the body into a experience for> thoughs, knowledge is> maybe the more important micropolitic we can do....>> but it is not just it...   we are leaving a special moment> about sexual> narratives...   because the internet, the comunications,> the free software, colaborative stuff,  the narratives of> sexualities is> changing, people are doing they're own videos,> animations,> parties, changing the mecanism estetic of pornography> industry..  and> more...  make this revolution of colaborative masturbation> internacional...>> we have some examples of events whit diferents groups of> interess like> precarious, vulnerabilities, prostitution, homeless,> imigration, free> pornography, queer, free software, ciberfeminism,> ciberativism, free radio,> etc...>> we made some events like this in brasil, putting in the> same space of> imersion prostitucion, queer, indian and mst (moviment for> earth)>> well...   in spain it start happend and i could see or> participate in this> last tree mouths of some encounters like this>> we dont have a answer...  but experimentations....   it is> the challenge,>> we are trying to make a event here in madri the name is> "noise and> democracy"  where every this stuff is putting> toguether but not> for everybody discuss, talk, talk, make polemics...  i> thing this kind of> events came whit a leatlle part of inconscientizacion...> sometimes i call this events squizoanalisis like guattari> ideas......> becouse it is about *frequency and intensification and not> about more> consciencia*,,,,,  it is a ritual of empowerment...  and of> course it is a> leatle dangerous...  because the encounter of alterity -> alteridad -> (radical diferences) is not always harmony...   you have to> be prepared to> stay there...   *its conectives lines*...   it is about> xamanism, noise> music and body...   for make your body open and strong in> the same time...> i think toni negri could call it like a constituint event.>> well...  i will write more after and ask hilan to translate> that..  i hope> it dont seems like spiritualist discourse eheheoheoehoeo,> becouse we are> not,,,>> i send here some links>> http://generatech.ningunlugar.org> http://www.beatrizpreciado.com/audiovisual.htm> http://www.sindominio.net/karakola/azien.htm> http://www.interfaceg2g.org>> besos> fabi>>>>>>> 2008/5/25 Eduardo Molinari> <archivocaminante at yahoo.com.ar>:>> > Hi Irina, dear all> >> > erotic and politics... intensive connection!> > I agree with you, the states bores me too about this.> >> > what is to "erotize politic" today?> > what are the connections between body and ideologies> today?> > what is the political dimension of the body today?> >> > to erotize politic for me is only possible when> incarnation happens.> > then you can "feel" the political actions,> also the enemy ones.> >> >> > what do you think Irina?> >> > thank you!> > eduardo> >> >> >> > Eduardo Molinari / Archivo Caminante> > Aramburu 880, Dto.1 (1640) Martínez> > Provincia de Buenos Aires – Argentina> > 0541 1 47 98 48 35> >> >> > --- El jue 22-may-08, Irina Contreras> <poopstarr at yahoo.com> escribió:> >> > > De: Irina Contreras <poopstarr at yahoo.com>> > > Asunto: Re: [-empyre-] to brazil with love> > > Para: "soft_skinned_space"> <empyre at lists.cofa.unsw.edu.au>> > > Fecha: jueves, 22 de mayo de 2008, 6:59 pm> > > hi everyone,> > > my name is Irina Contreras....> > > just wanting to drop in finally and try to tune> in more....> > > excited about where this is going....i have to> say i was> > > finding some of the other conversation to be> losing me for> > > some reason...maybe its just the nature of the> internet...> > > im really intrigued by this booing that took> place at the> > > sexual diversity screening...what happened if i> can ask?> > > im also interested and wondering about an> expansion on the> > > ideas of microerotic and the integration of> erotic into> > > political issues.> > > It seems funny because queerness and sex has been> > > inevitably politicized as i see it.> > > but i also think that the way it is often> currently done in> > > the states bores me a bit....it feels very> limited to me> > > racially especially.> > > alright, im done....> > > also, are you active with the icarus project> discussions?> > > Abrazos,> > > Irina> > >> > >> > > --- On Thu, 5/22/08, brian whitener> > > <iwaslike at hotmail.com> wrote:> > >> > > > From: brian whitener> <iwaslike at hotmail.com>> > > > Subject: [-empyre-] to brazil with love> > > > To: empyre at lists.cofa.unsw.edu.au> > > > Date: Thursday, May 22, 2008, 6:53 AM> > > > hi all,> > > >> > > > sorry for the absence. internet access has> been a bit> > > > difficult this last days.> > > >> > > > these are a few questions for hilan and> fabiane: what> > > does> > > > it mean to work in an errorist manner?can> you send> > > examples> > > > from the handbook of esquizotrans> pornography?what is> > > the> > > > 'esquizerda' (the esquizoleft) ?what> does the> > > > organization of trans or esquizoleft> community look> > > like in> > > > brasil?> > > >> > > >> > > >> > > > Fabiane Borges (BR) is a writer and media> and> > > communication> > > > activistwho works with genders,> transgenders, and> > > > technology. She has abackground in squat art> and> > > social> > > > movements, such as those involvingwhores,> women,> > > low-tech> > > > media, indigenous groups, and> theanti-psychiatry> > > movement> > > > [luta antimanicomial]. She> enjoysesquizoanalysis and> > > > usually uses the name> > > > Cassandras.http://cassandras.multiply.com.> Hilan> > > Bensusan> > > > (BR) inspects singularities (like poetry> > > writers,people> > > > coming out of the prisons), lectures> philosophy in> > > > theUniversity ofBrasilia and writes> manifestoes.> > > > http://www.unb.br/ih/fil/hilanb> Esquizotrans – a> > > gang of> > > > our shifting slices Esquizotrans is an> assembly of> > > desires> > > > focused on transgressing anddiluting> borders. We> > > experiment> > > > with writing, filming, performing inorder to> blur both> > > > gender and genre borders. We do it in an> > > erroristmanner (as> > > > hangovers of the Errorist International). In> 2007 we> > > were> > > > booed in a sexual diversity film festival in> > > Brazilafter> > > > screening our Mulher-Bicha (Female Fag).> Since 2006 we> > > > produceshort films accompanied with small> performances> > > that> > > > attempt tochannel erotic energy into> politics while> > > exposing> > > > the politicalundertone of the microerotic.> We maintain> > > a> > > > column in the MondeDiplomatique, Brazil,> were we> > > dilute the> > > > principles of column-writing,celebrate both> the> > > transsexual> > > > and the transgender takes on whateveris> cyberpolitical> > > and> > > > formulate what we call the> 'esquizerda'> > > > (theesquizoleft) – that would attempt to> extract> > > > subversive force from themultiplication of> exception,> > > > deviation and error. Our current> projectsinvolve short> > > > films of urban intervention in several> towns,> > > > writingperformances where our convulsive> collective> > > writing> > > > is shown in theopen and the publication of> our> > > handbook of> > > > esquizotrans pornography. Our recent> > > > site:http://esquizotrans.wordpress.com enjoy> some of> > > our> > > >> > > movies:> >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnRMbQQM2J0http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZyL7pWfdG4> > > >> > > >> > > >> > >> _________________________________________________________________> > > > Make every e-mail and IM count. 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