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thanks felipe and daniel. and thnaks for all your contributions this month. it is a very real pleasure to be in conversation with you and to 
ir conociendo su practica.
un abrazo fuerte,


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As our last contribution, just to answer the question:
Yes, we work with concepts similar to the militant research.
We could use a concept created by another collective here in Brazil (PI), in which Daniel participates.
The idea of Action-Investigation, as a way for us to realte to our own context, where the investigated doesn't become an object to be treated analytically. The investigation (or research) comes from ourselves as subjectivities situated and in action. The action is a posture that initializes the dialogue, from which we invite the other to join the conversation. This action form our own place is done through the creation of representations (artistic solutions) and through seeing how the images we produce dialogue with the world we live in.

We wish we could write more, but we're affraid we have no more time.

Thank you all for the discussion!

            Best Regards,

                                          Felipe and Daniel

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thanks so much for all your contributions. it's great to hear your voices again.

i wanted to ask another question. i'm working on a piece with ultrared right now about the artist as militant researcher. in the piece, i tend to follow malo's definition (rather, my interpretation of one part of her argument) of militant research as a search for a commons, or the construction of. however, this kind of cuts out the definition of militant investigation as the creation of knowledges that are imminant to a set of practices.

i wanted to ask you how you all think about militant research and your use/practice of it, the experiences good and bad that you've had with it, if its important to you all, used to be more important and now not so, etc.




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