[-empyre-] the month of June

Jason Nelson heliopod at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 12 13:12:14 EST 2008


To echo others thoughts, I must applaud the previous month's discussion for
its great contributions and incredibly active participants. Certainly 
proves Empyre is relevant and powerful resource. 

However, sadly, we must now close last month and start the new. 

With that in mind. I want to again relaunch June. Really my thoughts
are that the Empyre list can be used for both discussion, and creative endeavours. So for the rest of June, I want to explore using the list
as a creative conduit, as a generator and facilitator of artistic creation.

I've outlined a few times my initial project, the dispersed fiction/poetry 
project. And there have been a few responses. BUT WE NEED MORE. So please
re read my previous posts and do start creating some characters and 
thinking about how you can include your creative writing in the various
places on the net that allow user entry.

So please continue sending those character descriptions and ideas and
then by friday (US TIME), we can start posting and creating and sharing
that writing.  

So...contribute away!!!!!!!!!

cheers, Jason


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