[-empyre-] dispersed characters

Jason Nelson heliopod at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 14 18:16:22 EST 2008


I want to thank those that have been creating characters so far. And
yes my dearest jeremey, my character is coming soon.  

Again I invite others to play along. But I want to further the conversation
and project along with a few details.

1. I'll be archiving all these characters and creations via screen shots
and page grabs etc, and placing them into a site/wiki/blog of sorts.

2. So once people have characters, obviously we start posting. I've found
it really interesting to try to post to places where others can interact
with the character. It seems to make the writing process more real, more
directly responsive to those who are reading the posts.

3. Also, as this is an experiment, I am hoping we can by the end
of this, develop some methodologies and suggestions for how this
can become a writing form/experiment/task for other creative writers.

So what issues come to mind so far?   I have some thoughts, but
would be curious as to others thoughts first.

cheers, Jason


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