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Hi Jason + all,

Just thought I'd wade in with both my impending char set + some

On Sat, Jun 14, 2008 at 6:16 PM, Jason Nelson <heliopod at yahoo.com> wrote:

> All,
> I want to thank those that have been creating characters so far. And
> yes my dearest jeremey, my character is coming soon.

I'm yet 2 c ur char onlist J, have I missed it somehow? If I have missed it,
my apologies. if I haven't, then apply the following:

I think the participation gap [ie a select few actively writing in terms of
this month's experiment, or if they r actively creating they're not
documenting/commenting much on their efforts onlist] as a combination of
factors - the 1st being lack of substantial modelling 2 emulate/compare
with. As a boffin who has extensive experiencing in this field, in an open
call/collaborative/experimental terms it seems important 2 illustrate ur
intended fiction pathways with an example that ppl can then adopt/adapt/riff
from?  Otherwise it can get a tad messy, especially on a "stiff" mailing
list that has previously been harsh in terms of collaborative writing

Then again I may be wrong?

oh + btw meet Gossama:

Gossama is a night elf who enjoys the sound of a resounding rifle crack,
lying by the Deepwater Tavern fire and brisk walks along the Duskwallow
Marsh pier. She is contactable via WoW mail on Bloodscalp or via
gossama at gmail.com.

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