[-empyre-] Question

Julian Priest julian at informal.org.uk
Thu Jun 26 11:46:28 EST 2008

Jeremy Douglass wrote:
 > To (hopefully) clarify my position, I don't claim that *all spam is
 > art*, but rather that *some art is also spam*. That unsolicited
 > messages can be artful isn't really a radical redefinition of art - it
 > seems to me more a commonsense observation on the facts of art
 > history, in every medium, whether rag broadsides or digital bulletin
 > board posts.

The unsolicited nature of email spam is interesting.

Spam is only thought of as a negative media experience because in 
transmission terms, email is conceived of as either unicast (one to one) 
or multicast (one to a group like a list).

A medium like television by contrast which is broadcast (one to 
everyone) is inherently unsolicited.

We are drenched with the electromagnetic radiation of television whether 
we like it or not. We can opt not to switch on the TV in the same way as 
we can opt not to open our eyes, but the world around us is 
electromagneticaly stuctured by TV broadcast regardless.


Perhaps our cellular membranes watch the adverts while we sleep?



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