[-empyre-] a found poem since we are on the subject of spam

Nanette Wylde reader at preneo.com
Thu Jun 26 13:52:46 EST 2008


here is a little found poem, that is, each line is from the 'subject'  
of spam in my inbox. it is a 'remix' of sorts.
it's not too smart. i'm not sure if it qualifies as literary. but i  
hope it might amuse you.

i've also been wondering if this 'spam' isn't making you guys feel  
just a little insecure (the counterpart to the 14 year old waifs in  
the fashion magazines). hmmmm. perhaps that is a topic of another  
month on empyre.


Man Spam: Fantastic pole for you or Envy is the opposite of pride

Does your penis size ruin your life?
Bid adieu to your bad luck in love
Regain your attractiveness as a man
Attract more hot women
Be an object of all women's craving
Become an unexcelled lover
Be admired for your true male merits
Aim at new love victories
Waste no further time
Get rid of this weakness
Allow yourself some luxury
Put an end to your love failures
Get more pleasure in love
Personalize your inner desire
Experience new heights of pleasure
Last longer in bed
Nights full of passion are near
Infinite sexual pleasure for your woman
She'll never laugh at you no more
Last longer and pump harder here
Amend your problem of small dimension
Surplus in inches is absolutely necessary
Make it longer and more powerful
Make it large and steady as a rock!
Fondle all her internal nerve endings
(What they don't want you to know what it does to your body)
What a real man dreams about
Love making need not be boring
Awaken the monster in her
Greater pleasure for you
You don't forget it
Luck has nothing to do with the games they play
Feel proud that you're a real man
Enjoy the sex life you deserve
Dance in the sheets all night long
Batteries included

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