[-empyre-] from 'unfinishedness' to 'Game Off'

Christina McPhee christina at christinamcphee.net
Sat Mar 1 18:21:58 EST 2008

dear -empyre-

Please welcome back Melinda as moderator with guest moderator  
Christian McCrea (AU) for a new topic "Game Off" for March 2008.   
Thanks very much to
John Haber, Naeem Mohaiemen, and the School for Missing Studies  
(Katherine Carl and Stephen Jovanovich Weiss) and list readers for  
'Stations, Sites and Volatile Landscapes" in January/February.  By way  
of not exactly 'closing' this topic, I'll leave you with a quote from  
Katherine Carl (January 19),

"So I still didn’t finish the thought on “unfinishedness,” but do  
others have thoughts on whether it is necessary for a project to be  
unfinished or to be immaterial (different but related concepts) for it  
to be participatory? This is a huge discourse now from Nicolas  
Bourriaud to Claire Bishop to Jacques Ranciere. But we wonder what  
art, design, and media creators really think and practice?"

  Stay tuned for Melinda's announcement!


Christina McPhee

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