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Just thought I'd wander in2 this intro_scape with a question regarding
a synchronous game-directed happening + also 2 [pre]prod the wonderful
breadth of guests we have 4 this month's game-oriented topic.

A quick run-down of my synthetic/game[r] involvement: from dabbling
with Eliza as a teenager 2 weaving through arcade games, 1st person
Shooters, MOO's, MUDS, RPG's and MMOGs, I'm well versed in gaming from
a conventional perspective. I'm also a game theorist:

4 some examples]

....and [creatively] practice what I term _Poetic Game Interventions_:
manipulating pre-set game parameters in order to disrupt or comment on
various aspects of a game's function or outcome, often within a wider
sociological perspective.

I began my MMOG interventions in the 90's using the _Everquest_ game
interface 2 project/interject in2 the conventional game-chat stream by
riffing off other players chatlines and reworking chat sections via
poetic manipulations. I'd also mangle logs of these chats and project
them into a wider networked sphere by reposting them to various email
list forums.

I'm currently extending this type of poetic intervention/textual
reworking of game_text during my time [over 2 years now] playing
_World of Warcraft_. My latest intervention is titled "Twittermixed
Litterature" and involves WoW characters ["toons"] on the Bloodscalp
Server standing in Ironforge [an in-game location] + live remixing
[in_game] chat that occurs between players and guild/character names
that rotate past. I then remash these lines [+ any feedback I receive
in-game from the players themselves] into a live Twitter stream,
making a multi-access channelling or [as I labelled it in the press
releases]: "Twittermixing prefound identity marker texts from
live-time character actions in World of Warcraft" and "MMO Voyeur
Aggregationistic Rem(H)ashing".

My current theory emphasis is a project called _Augmentology
1[L]0[L]1_ that has links 2 the _World of Warcraft_ MMO via_Ars
Virtua_: "...a young guild in World of Warcraft. We are not just
gamers, we are artists who see the potential of this platform to
create a new dimension of media art and have FUN at the same time"
[David Cheung: http://arsvirtua.com/].

_Augmentology 1[L]0[L]1_ is a soc_net formatted body of information
that operates as a type of ongoing working manual/procedural log
discussing the evolution and practical formation of online/synthetic
environments. It focuses on concepts that assist in governing/shaping
these environments through self-generating principles and
corresponding social codas. The entries examine post-geophysically
defined notions of reality developed through a mixture of case-studies
and deconstruction of game behaviours/outputs.

Each post will discuss/analyse dynamics, structuring and mechanics
specific to different augmented platforms. Each post will add to an
agglomeration of information specific to synthetic
psychology/sociology, and will create a body of data resulting in a
new discipline called "Augmentology" - broadening the notion of
Augmented Reality past the traditional concept to include synthetic +
interactive platforms. A sample topic discusses _Addiction vs
Augmented Reality Equivalencies_: exploring the proposition that
addiction is an inappropriate psychological construct when applied to
augmented realities. Addiction implies a type of compulsion +
deregulation of actions to the point of a systematic habituation,
rather than encompassing direct synthetic reality constructs of
economy of motion [reduced txt speak for example] and attention

What [in all my rambling glory] I wanted to ask u, the Empyre populace
[+ special monthly guest stars] is whether this attempt at producing a
discipline from inside_out of a game based perspective is achievable?


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