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Julian and Christian,
The following quote may serve as a 'bass track' to the unfinishedness probe...
"Programming interactivity is all about the potential for sustaining the life of the work; making updatable art invites the audience (including the artist) to participate in creating the future of the work. This contrasts with the usual abandonment of the 'finished' work of art. As we look back at 'finished' works of art, left behind to sustain themselves (in special vaults, the 'white cubes') against the ravages of time, it is clear that the 'finished' work of art is a thing of the past"
from "The Finished Work of Art is a Thing of the Past," Tom Sherman 1995
complete text:  http://www.stanford.edu/class/history34q/readings/MediaArchaeology/sherman.htm <http://www.stanford.edu/class/history34q/readings/MediaArchaeology/sherman.htm> 
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