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Wed Mar 5 23:54:17 EST 2008

the other day Christian was musing that games and cooking  just seem
to go together - insisting that those who like to play like to cook. i
beg to differ .. as i think there is cultural specificity of Melbourne
games community being invoked..

I am a like to watch person - and a crap cook - but i'm pretty sure
there is no correlation -
however when it comes to mailing list discussions I too invoke the
food/dinner party metaphor so eloquently relayed to me by Jordon
Crandal - a host or hostess must introduce the dinner guests to each
other, and identify their commonalities and points of difference to
enable them to start a conversation  - this is really how a list

The dinner party concept was reinforced today at a symposium  where
an eminent panel of curators, producers and critics were speaking
about how easily art criticism can become a monologue instead of
dialogue when there is not a critical mass of interaction.. Im feeling
a little like that now in this discussion - a guest at dinner, who has
listened to a few interresting opinions  yet and im not quiet sure
what to say myself.

luckily another  fascinating dinner guest has arrived, who has special
interrests in Phenomenological readings of 3D game engines, Game
Engine as a medium in the context of Fine Art, and Free-software and
game development.

gee- let me introduce him to you:

Julian Oliver is a New Zealand born artist, free-software
developer,teacher and occasional writer based in Madrid, Spain. He has
presented papers and artworks at many international electronic-art
events and conferences.

Julian has given numerous workshops and master classes in game-design,
artistic game-development, virtual architecture, interface design,
augmented reality and open source development practices worldwide.
In 1998 he established the artistic game-development collective, Select Parks.

for more see:

Welcome Julian - Now for the oysters...

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