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melinda R melindr at gmail.com
Fri Mar 7 11:38:54 EST 2008

hi paul and all..
 fascinating that this article ends with this statement---

"These days, pen-and-paper role-playing games have largely been
supplanted by online computer games. Dungeons & Dragons itself has
been translated into electronic games, including Dungeons & Dragons
Online. Mr. Gygax recognized the shift, but he never fully approved.
To him, all of the graphics of a computer dulled what he considered
one of the major human faculties: the imagination.

"There is no intimacy; it's not live," he said of online games. "It's
being translated through a computer, and your imagination is not there
the same way it is when you're actually together with a group of
people. It reminds me of one time where I saw some children talking
about whether they liked radio or television, and I asked one little
boy why he preferred radio, and he said, 'Because the pictures are so
much better.'  "


-i did say previously i like to watch, but last night i was out at 2am
in a laneway with the Graffit Research Lab + crew we have here,
http://www.anat.org.au/grl , throwing many socks full of crushed
colored chalk at a moving graphic projected onto a wall. the object of
the spontaneously set up game , which ran form a laptop and a
generator powered projector   was to hit a moving bouncing  head
projection which then turned into a different prize graphic.. and
leaving a beautiful pointalist chalk wall abstract for others to enjoy
in the morning.

pretty basic fun for a sophisticated cultural consumers, passers by,
graff artists, etc !!

i was chuffed as i thought i was really good at it..and super happy
that my useally keyboard still shoulder was getting some over arm
throwing action -- then i was told that in  fact the prize was being
manually delivered.. Evan Roth  was just changing the graphic when he
saw a direct hit. I felt cheated  - that my skill had not been
rewarded, that i had been judged by a fallible human, not an impartial
software program. I wanted the computer to run the game... it was the
safe fair option that made my imagined victory real.

 Is that dulled imagination or delusion, or is that just how it is.. ?


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