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melinda R melindr at gmail.com
Tue Mar 11 09:29:34 EST 2008

my role/roll is to distract..
how many balls can we keep an eye on at once?
what are the objectives when there are multiple perspectives in play.?

old pinballs often had a second or third ball was released in play;
in galaga  you could capture another ship and have maybe up to 5
shooters to control.. .. i had a party recently and we played "pass
the parcel"  and had not the usual 1, but 3 parcels going in different
directions accompanied by iggy pop. it was wonderful to see cultural
sophisticates become squealing children.
 eddo sterns 1999 work Runners -Everquest.. three  networked
projections, each with a character operating within  EverQuest -
useing a custom "triple mouse" players control three characters
simultaneously - navigating separate areas of the game world.

theres a historical precedent - how does this multiplicity happen in
contemporary video games..?
david ?


thank you for this overwhelming welcome..
although flattered I'd like to say: don't lets get distracted from the
pinball discourse which has started to roll in the list);
we are still curious in the roles of the objectives in Play.


melinda R schrieb:
> welcome Margarete & Max & Marguerite
>  all high rollers, elegantly swathed in European charm, nonchalant in
> your playful entree -slipping in quietly when we were distracted with
> the practicalities and potentialities of code..

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