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Howdy again Empyrians.

Just wanted 2 follow up on some points that I'm slo-2-play-catch-up-on.

The 1st is reffing Marguerite [or is it Margarete?] who posted:
"But, is all that relevant for the arts in games- or lets say ART

1stly Marguerite: your germlish is perfect. There's nuthin quite like
a subtle lingual discombobulation lvl 2 get those grey cells a'firing.
Not 2 mention the interpretive treacle that can be gleaned from them -
makes 4 fantastic sparkings in terms of associative logic jumps.

2ndly, I'd like [sprawlingly, as is my wont] 2 leap myself from ur
assertion above 2wards a question regarding generalised notions of
art, games and play. I've been pondering the usefulness of the very
concept of art in terms of a contemporary cultural
perspective/setting. + no, I'm not going 2 offer manifestoed
platitudes such as "art is dead"; I'd rather flag how i c _Art_ as a
current concept that [in a large part] reflects + perpetuates
institutionalised arm[s]/actualities + hierarchical loadings rather
than genuine expressive outputs. _Art_ [yes, with a Kapital A] seems
statically caught within a web of neo_con westernised baggage +
codified "creativity" that culturally sinks_or_swims according 2 a
capitalistic exposure setting/agenda. Even certain _art_istic outputs
tagged _experimental_ seem brushed with a desire for longevity in
terms of appropriation + consequential ratification in terms of

I'm interested in how games>gamers>syths>mixed realities + their
inhabitants seek 2 embrace the latency of _art_ without necessarily
crystallizing it as such; how the idea of [game>mmo] play manages to
embody curiosity + creativity without falling inwards imposition?
Would love a responses from those skating along similar experiential
trajectories [Marguerite? Christian? Corrado?]

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