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Margarete Jahrmann margarete.jahrmann at zhdk.ch
Wed Mar 12 03:43:30 EST 2008

Cher networker.mez.Twin.Btoxx.Goss.ip!

Thank You for you feedback
(and also Thank You Melinda, Twin.Ball.Wizard
- for distracting snowball effect like. I understand assumable what you
mean. One of my biggest play/sures is to double fire.)
Last weekend I was at a chalet in Valais, following an invitation by the
Snowball Association discussing "l'effet du Boule de Neige" and last one
standing as game play concept.

So Mez, reading Your description of a synaptic double firing effect,
caused by our bilingual coagulation into a Ludic lingo, makes me
confident and great full - because I remember English proofreaders
convincing editors not to publish texts for exactly that reason.

Yes, boyz with toys have nasty tricks in moulding snowballs. For
example, there exists the pretty unfair practice of putting stones into
a snowball, which hurts and spoils the rule of play, because the Boule
de Neige is no more distracting into powder snow when hitting you.

Art in contrast to art has some stones inside, Kies - which is a slang
word in German for money. Please let me appropriate this distinction of
Art and art, because it exactly describes, what happens if a compound
noun is made of an adjective. I see art as "adjective" process-ual
activity. "A referential illusion, intertextual production on the
equivocal nature of meaning". Perfectly, out of your practice in arts,
You exemplified by this distinction the Language construction of Tlön,
introduced by Jorge Luis Borges. Logically enough in this language nouns
are based on compound adjectives.
In an inverse trajectory by this idea of an imaginary land, Tlön, we are
lead back to the >moo parallel worlds, Orbis Tertius, the >Third Life.
and the process-ual play practice of art inside these world3.

Your insight description precisely addresses the focal points of the
Arts system: imposition of an order couched in aesthetic strategies,
canonisation according to market mechanisms to maintain systemic
stability. There's nothing to add.

art, to me, apparently constitutes as vehicle. By riding this 'patabike,
following the internal logics of arts, one can easily insist in applying
a practice, distinct from the logics of investigative science systems -
although addressing often similar fields of life.
this opens ways for new methodologies - like entering games, exporting
moo realities into reality engines, playing with aesthetic formats in
experimenting with in world and game engine effects - towards a nybble

a response couched in aesthetic strategies
that adopt parts of your argument

breeze schrieb:
> I'm interested in how games>gamers>syths>mixed realities + their
> inhabitants seek 2 embrace the latency of _art_ without necessarily
> crystallizing it as such; how the idea of [game>mmo] play manages to
> embody curiosity + creativity without falling inwards imposition?
> Would love a responses from those skating along similar experiential
> trajectories [Marguerite? Christian? Corrado?]
> Chunks,
> :Netwurker.Mez [FB]
> :Bowwtoxx [WoW: Demonsoul]
> :Gossama [WoW: Bloodscalp]
> :Netwurker.Twin [SL]

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