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 as we weave these histories of Art Games in/
> to Media Art Histories it is crucial to keep the context of the
> last 40 years of experimental Media Art in the forefront of memory

Many thanks to Jon for the references, your course looks really interesting.

This struggle to displace the futurity reflex from 'new' media art has been
debated and argued over relentlessly, but there's still a desire to frame
issues around the cutting edge of digital culture, as if game art should
only be thought of in terms of 'the future of games', rather than actually
existing material practices, let alone histories of action. Not sure what's
at stake in this, but interestingly game art is one of the recent genres of
media art to have exhibited a strongly retro-sensibility within the terms of
digital culture proper (for various reasons, both technical and nostalgic).

Just to add a couple more things to Sean's references to media art history:

Database of Virtual Art: http://www.virtualart.at/
DOCAM: http://www.docam.ca/
Boltzmann Institute Linz: http://media.lbg.ac.at/
_V2: http://archive.v2.nl

(Grau cites these as important online archival projects for m.a.h. btw)

And of course, the pioneering work of figures like Jack Burham and Frank
Popper are worth mentioning, revisiting even.

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> Further notes on new media art history:
> 1. there's a link from the page Paul mentions to the Cache project, which
> he
> co-=founded,
> http://www.e-x-p.org/cache/index.HTM
> 2. there's an internmational movment to establish media art history which
> many empyreans are involved with: next conference in melbourne in November
> 2009, CFP will come round the usual lists in a month or so - see
> http://www.mediaarthistory.org/
> sean
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