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On Wed, Mar 12, 2008 at 6:06 AM, jonCates <joncates at criticalartware.net> wrote:
>  while simultaneously typing, button mashing + navigating sum twisty
>  little passages i am excited that -empyre- is hosting this discussion
>  this month + happy to reactivate my reply function given that i have
>  been in a read only mode w/-empyre- for awhile now

Ello again jon. Nice 2 read u here:)

Thread_bu[r]sting [in] 2 address points from urself [+ vicariously
Christian + David] ...

>  http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/4137782.stm
>  articulating stark contrasts between health points + prosperity of
>  the players physical + virtual selves, specifically inside MMOs that
>  demand so much time + attention.

I'm cannibalising sections of the _Augmentology 1[L]0[L]1_ manual here
[so those that read that, be 4warned] in order 2 have a look_c at the
[mainstream] media mechanisms that perpetuate this picture of

I'm curious as 2 whether this idea of _Gamer Danger_ [read: the
practice of reporting hard_core gamer activity thru a fear_based
filter + generalising it as a snapshot of gamer_geeks in general] is
indicative of xenophobic>fear mongering>scapegoating [Western>1st
World (in a rationalist_economic sense)] media tendency in general? Or
that these reporting points in leisure>playscape conceptions indicate
a further overarching ideology hell_bent on reinforcing _1st World_
(in a layered>tiered reality_based sense) biologically [Darwin
directed] prerogatives [read in possible kooky conspiracy theory
angles here;)]?

>  i am very interested in the lives of these hardcore gamers as the new
>  (unreleased) documentary "second skin_" by Juan Carlos Pineiro-
>  Escoriaza from 2008 seems to articulate:
>  http://pwdocs.com/secondskin

I've only seen the trailer so far. Am likewise interested in
examining>absorbing how it portrays various gamers>gamer categories.

>  also important to note is the age + demographics of those interviewed
>  in this documentary as well as the possible parallels mappable to
>  other forms of online identification + identity construction

This gets me all frissony as well.

So much so that it links in2 spawning ideas prompted by David +
Christian involving maturation + fantasy projection:
- From David: "To the non-player I am losing valuable time, but in
reality I am just achieving a stillness that furrows the brow of the
- From Christian: "The epic struggle is to understand that the simple
fact that children are attracted to technology because it's the
thing to pure fantasy."

The adaptive states _regular_ [as opposed 2 hard_core or casual]
gamers can display in fact call in2 question various assumptions
relating 2 performative game actions as negative + focused exclusively
within MMO boundaries only. Some of these actions may leak
beneficially beyond MMO boundaries. A in_game|world example of
game_generated positive/facilitative behaviour is the adaptive
differences embodied in guild leaders in _World of Warcraft_. Having
been in several WoW guilds over the course of my playing time, I've
noted the progression of guild formations + fractures; in 1 of the
guilds I previously belonged 2, there was evidence of marked change in
several of the players [most in late teens] who progressed thru
behavioural clusters ranging from introspection|introversions 2
definite adaptive>[verging on] leadership variables which were
cross-reality_platformed in2 "real_life" [such a blah term;)]. 2 other
possible advantageous "real_life" extensions could include a type of
Altered>elevated>transcendental State of Consciousness manifestation
[as David indicated thru his stilness allusion] as well as Christian's
of childhood fantasy projecting; when extending this beyond junvenila
could it enhance imagination+ creativity in2 adulthood?


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