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melinda R melindr at gmail.com
Thu Mar 13 00:14:28 EST 2008

hey i missed the marker party but talked to the cat..
fell off the red ramp and contemplated images..
scott draves (electric sheep) has a sl opening tonite which i will
probably miss too..

Max can you elaborate on MosMaxHax's SL practice -im particularly
interested in the detritus construction of the "white noise" palace
-sorry i dont have the slurl -
architecturally  it invited play, it invited contemplation, it invited
aesthetic appreciation.it was simple yet absurdly elegant  and
complex, and very smartly appropriated sl play objects  to its own

Max Moswitzer max.moswitzer at zhdk.ch
Wed Mar 12 01:26:12 EST 2008

/* hello all
/* there is a Marker in secondlife
/* simulation Ouvroir (189,64,40)
/* today 19:00 CET / 11am SLT
/* cu mm


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