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jonCates joncates at
Sun Mar 16 01:49:35 EST 2008

another recent link/project on gaming labour + the labour  
circumstances of games is:

"Invisible Threads," by Stephanie Rothenberg + Jeff Crouse (2007 -  

Stephanie Rothenberg is an alum from our department/program + her  
current Invisible Threads project is connected to her other New Media  
Art projects as an investigation/critique of various corporate cultures

i bring this up as another reference point in the discussion about  
localized + globalized conditions/commentaries + also as another way  
to raise the issue of discourse... asking again of David Surman + the  
other guests who would be interested in the question of how can/do  
Art Games enable discourse + what would constitute in (David Surman's  
words) the "discursive power of aesthetics"?

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