[-empyre-] TEZ, the Temporary Entertainment Zones verisimilitudes

Margarete Jahrmann margarete.jahrmann at zhdk.ch
Tue Mar 18 03:42:33 EST 2008

dear empyre plaiers,

a short quick and dirty snippet, some sand into the wheels of
discourse.. not to spoil it but to make it run smoother, to question the
multitude and verisimilitude of the existing empire of game/media arts

For actual reasons, related to the deadlining media arts festival
circus, at your earliest convenience I would like to intersect with a
brief self-reflexive problem:
Does The Right to make theory exists?
-  for artists and especially in "game as art or art as game"?

 Intersection1 ad game as arts: in its best appearance this are
experimental works with, through and around games - thank You Julian,
beside other enlightening insight views for the report of your first
work. I had a similar experience with an unreal tournament conversions
at that time, which had nothing to do with the game play any more, but
cracked and re-used the game engine technology inter weaved with Linux
commandos as device for server-communication - and was then labelled as
game art.

Intersection2 ad archiving: TAZ, the Temporary Autonomous Zone as
introduced by Hakim Bey, http://www.sacred-texts.com/eso/taz.htm
is very suitable as conception for art as games - and games, which are
quickly outdated technologically in highest verisimilitude. On purpose
one can exploit the subversive power of the temporary, which stems in
contrast to the old arts conception of "Ewigkeit", permanence and bears
more possibilities for experiment and resistance- to what ever elements
are inherent to each technology applied!

Suggestion: Lets apply the TEZ, the Temporary Entertainment Zones, as
programme and motto for art games, which must not necessarily be
archived forever. BUT precisely for that reason, we have o claim for the
power of the game art meta-discourse as ours! To be capable to speak
elaborate about and with the work slowly vanishing!!

BUT TODAY: Without telling any details, I was clearly told - by one of
the "reality constituting" institutions, that the thing that we are
doing, is no theory at all. It might be accepted as decoration, it is a
"artificial fictional text" but- not theory- with the right to claim
reputation or serious power of discourse - a dispositive.

So my question would be- what is your opinion in this?
Do You think, if we apply a "palaver" format like a mailing list here,
a playful strategy of generating texts, which plays with words, which
introduces "constraints" as rules of play, (comparable to my favourites
and Ludic role models, the 'pataphyisists at the beginning of the 20iest
century), like having certain limitations on the way HOW to write, for
example in metaphors and parables, as introduced by Nietzsche btw.),
do You think this is less worth than a discourse in the canonised
methodologies of media studies and history or game studies?

roller ball shoot one
please shoot back in friendly fire
marguerite charmante

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