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Julian Oliver julian at selectparks.net
Sun Mar 23 01:47:14 EST 2008

hey Ilias,

..on or around Sat, Mar 22, 2008 at 04:08:55PM +0200, Ilias Marmaras said:
> I would like to introduce myself to the list members , so I am Ilias
> Marmaras a member of the media group Personal Cinema, that is engaged  in
> the production of some political or educational videogames among other
> activities.
> I find your topics of discussion very interesting , especially on the issue
> of archiving or taxonomy of the games.
> I want just to make a small comment so to light up one side of the sense of
> archive.
> Archive as you probably know, is a word that comes from the Greek *Arkhe *that
> means at once both the *commencement* and the *commandment*. In other words
> the beginning of something and the control , the power on it. Two principles
> in one , the first in accord with nature or history where things commence ,
> a physical or historical principle and at the same time, a principle
> according to the law , where we have the state of commanding, the authority
> on something and the order that is exercised via the control. That gives the
> deepest meaning to the word *Arkhe* _and to archive respectively_ by
> revealing the spatial sense in it, as the place from which control and order
> is given. So, logically by creating an archive one creates a control point
> and by that she meets the theory of the archive in general, that is no other
> than the theory of institutionalisation . It is not simply the creation of a
> technique of search or a technique of meta data process but mostly the
> creation of a law or laws and the right which authorizes it. The same goes
> for taxonomy an other Greek word that includes the word *order _taxis_* in
> it. Consequently, a question arises that is: if by archive one is intend to
> create a law system, to link to some existing rules or to fold in the
> existing laws and rules that govern other aspects of life the play. And if
> so which is its authority to do so?

interesting points. 

would it be such an ordaining hierachy (archive.org being an example) if
the users of that archive were in control of the nomination and
modification of terms, if the taxonomy was read-write: eg a community
editable del.icio.us like system.

where is the 'institutionalisation' in this case?


julian oliver
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