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discussions of artworld institutions (esp. by their
functionaries), can be little more than perverse parlor
games unless you've really broached tyrannical tradition --
and from that <end-game> point there is no possible
(non-destructive) reconciliation/compensation


On Sun, 23 Mar 2008, Daphne Dragona wrote:

> >  after some time the taxonomies, terms and ideas surrounding the art
> >  migrate successfully to discourse, needing less and less of the art to
> >  continue dissemination and even propagation. art 'collections' are
> >  formed and markets build up around the practice. the artists feel then
> >  that the field and it's ideas belong less and less to them and claim
> >  'institutionalisation' to be at work. in the meantime the have built
> >  something of a 'career' and will innovate their practice toward other
> >  interests and the whole thing will begin again.
> >
> yes, there is this common classic question there: to what extend
> artists themselves wish to be institutionalised?  they feel dependent
> on the institutions but they critisize them at the same time. and of
> course there have been so many interesting works by artists in modern
> and contemporary art who challenged the museum as an institution
> through the work.

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