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Mon Mar 24 12:25:07 EST 2008

Hi Kerrie

Check out the freezes or pauses on you tube if your not already on to it:


I think that there is one happening in Sydney this week.

As pointed out by Daphne Dragona, Come out and Play is definatly the
best place to find a collection of these games.

I also recon some of the groups working in this area are worth a look
in. Specifically:
in San Fran and in the UK:

Good luck

On 3/24/08, Ricardo Miranda Zuniga <ricardo at ambriente.com> wrote:
> Hello Kerrie-Dee,
> A personal favorite is the radio collective Ligna's radio ballet.  People
> are invited to gather at a train station with pocket radios and headphones .
>  The radios are tuned to a specific frequency and performative instructions
> are broadcast to participants...  Here are a few links:
> http://youtube.com/watch?v=qI3pfa5QNZI
> http://www.webkreativ.de/momenta/lignainterview1.htm
> http://www.kuda.org/?q=en/node/444
> ricardo
> On Sun Mar 23 03:37 , Kerrie-Dee Johns sent:
> Hi,
> Sorry to butt in... but I am interested in the (brief) history of locative
> games in urban spaces for a project I am curating for the Next Wave Festival
> in Melbourne called Stranger of the Month. I was wondering if any of you
> could recommend any games (artistic or not) that have operated like a flash
> mobs and have involved a group of anonymous others interacting in an urban
> setting?
> I imagine it this would be an interesting example of where the real city
> collides with the virtual?
> Please reply via my email address or the list - whatever you wish.
> Thank-you,
> Kerrie-Dee
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