[-empyre-] game creation is game deconstruction

Christian McCrea saccharinmetric at gmail.com
Mon Mar 24 15:17:16 EST 2008

I have wondered (and worked for a while) on the question of whether it
would be possible to combine the problem of game design and technology
students needing project-based work to further their craft, and the
problem of artists/academics not having technical skills into a much
larger but more interesting problem. So that an artist, academic,
curator, or even game designer could work with a small group of
undergraduate or postgraduate students on developing prototypes
towards the project. For every ten people who wouldn't want to share
the technical side of their project, there must be one who would love
the help, even if it was slow and not guaranteed.

There is the Processing language designed for... design.. out of MIT:

Maybe Julian or someone more technical than myself can speak to its
strengths and weaknesses, but I think the attraction to modification
game art is that low technicity and hi-jacking of popular corporate
models. At the other end, things like Processing emphasise total
understanding of the code, open source-ness, and reward complexity.

-Christian McCrea

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