[-empyre-] game creation is game deconstruction

lotu5 lotu5 at resist.ca
Mon Mar 24 18:20:43 EST 2008

Hi all,

I haven't had much time to keep up with this list (with the synapse 
biotech list at the same time and also the end of the school quarter), 
so maybe you already discussed this, but at UCSD, at Calit2, where I 
have my studio, there's the Experimental Game Lab. I know some folks who 
work there, but haven't done much with them myself yet.


Also, I'm thinking about a project involving Second Life. Have yo all 
discussed Second Life much yet? I know that some people make a 
distinction between second life as a Metaverse and not a game, but I 
don't know how widely accepted the distinction is.



Jason Nelson wrote:
> All,
>   Before the month is up. I do want to bring up the topic of game creation or 
>   roughly put:  how does an artist (or scholar, meaning why cant game interfaces
>   be used for scholarly work?) create an art game?  what are others experiences?
>   where are some good resources in terms of advice, personal narratives, code, oh yeah
>   and code, where can we find more lovely game code?


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