[-empyre-] Whitenoise vs. Metaverse 1

Max Moswitzer max.moswitzer at zhdk.ch
Tue Mar 25 02:45:15 EST 2008

game creation is game deconstruction

hello all humanoids and avatars,

the bad:
first i think Second Life is a stupid name but good for PR and 2/3 act 
realy like thanatoids of 1st life ;) in the sense what MORE could be 
possible in such a world. just thinking of the Elfe in 150 meters, which 
does not move, `couse she is only her to chat with her frinds and the 
man and his wife in 300 meters sex-role-game-thingy, btw. he plays a 
woman. Some of those avatars make me go nuts, talking of privacy and 
didn`t learn the tool they are "playing" with.

the good:
its a tool we dreamed in the VRML days. a multiuser-photoshop painting 
in 3D. you do not need any money, a lot you can get for free, "arange" 
it or build/script it by yourselfe. yes, Linden Labs is a company and 
the Land-Fee and Land-Prices are not cheap, a bit/byte/bite pepper in 
the soup which makes it spiecy.

this metaverse can be used as a game, role-play, adventures, 
car/airplane races (dogfight), simulation of X etc. or/and just beeing 
there, experimenting, research, building community, family - feeling the 
grid and getting in touch with cyberjesus.

A chaotic monarchic Academia just for Avatars,

and a place to start Odyssey: a simulator in Second Life dedicated to 
art and performance, there are some machinmia from students and friends 


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