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Dear Melinda,
and a lot of replies.. to Daphne, Melanie, Julian...

definitely so! Sure the metaverse systems are no game by definition,
regarding rules, magic circel, spatial and temporal borders etc.- but -
as Max clearly shows in the white noise project - it is an environment
where you can PLAY!

it is a trajectory we should not forget - that metaverses as Second Life
had harbingers. And especially as I rememeber Your activities in these
worlds, Melinda, it became clear that there are fundamental differences-
which are fullfilments of the Cyberpunk visions of Gibsons. Remember,
that VRML was an community based effort. When trying to introduce a 3 D
ISO standard to the Web in 97, allowing to insert AL sources via newly
introducable VRML nodes for everybody - this was NOT what SL is today.
It was no proprietary effort - no "benevolant dictatorship" of companies
- ma be one of the masses ;)
- which were then not existing.

and- again logically enough, this question of the relevance of content
on the metaverse you püoste gives a link to the questions of the
proposal which Daphne did call "wandering through archives"!

The node system did link sources of an archive.
AND as source of Internet in general we must rememeber too, that the
LABYRINTH paper of Pesce/Parisi in 1994, presented at the inaugural CERN
conference of the Web in Geneva - featured a vision of a 3D space- where
users/players could wander through datasets!

Oriented on the Hua Yen buddhisme from the 11th century in china, a
philosophical world model of
facetted gems, in which each gem is reflecting al other gems and its
links - as described again later by Neal stephensons Diamond Age - this
model WAS an ARCHIVE model - wher you actually should "DéRIVE" through

SO again  we are bakc in China's 11th century - because as MELANIE
posted- "things that belong to the Emperor" - elthough Foucault did use
the quote, Lady Sei Shonagon did write it in her "Pillow Book" - and she
described a very subjective systematics of an arhcive.

And in fact- YES Julian - she did use indices, terminologies refernece
systems- because a terminology, syntax AND taxonomies are also in a
navigable environemtn the only way to find your way through
adataverse... in play

marguerite charmante

When we were all enthousiastic in the differnet self orfganised woking
groups, to define a syntax

melinda R schrieb:
> max greetings
> during/after the good/bad old days of vrml , around the  turn of the
> centuary, i  came to the conclusion that avatars really are the
> dominant emergent species..
> whether they be carefully crafted polys, MUD text , or shiny metal
> balls in play they are portals in and out of digtal/analogue space -
> giving the program access to 1st life.. - tho i prefer to
> differentiate them as hard and soft space.
> they are relational, random, surprising, and very alive
> ( i have logical proof but realy we just all know its true.. )
> there are more avatars active at any one moment than people in new zealand.
> SL avatars, with some notable exceptions, are descendent of  Brandy
> and Clint in the Garden of Metaverse, but why discriminate against
> them for that ? avatars are evolving slowly, but as in any population
> random mutation is not the norm..
> I appreciate the clever constructions of artsits and performers but Is
> the game play of the brandy and clint gene line any lesS relavent than
> y/ours?
> when the whole godddamn underlying conceptual architecture is queer
> enough anyway.
> mr
> _________________
> max wrote:
> game creation is game deconstruction
> hello all humanoids and avatars,
> the bad:
> first i think Second Life is a stupid name but good for PR and 2/3 act
> realy like thanatoids of 1st life ;) in the sense what MORE could be
> possible in such a world. just thinking of the Elfe in 150 meters, which
> does not move, `couse she is only her to chat with her frinds and the
> man and his wife in 300 meters sex-role-game-thingy, btw. he plays a
> woman. Some of those avatars make me go nuts, talking of privacy and
> didn`t learn the tool they are "playing" with.
> the good:
> its a tool we dreamed in the VRML days. a multiuser-photoshop painting
> in 3D. you do not need any money, a lot you can get for free, "arange"
> it or build/script it by yourselfe. yes, Linden Labs is a company and
> the Land-Fee and Land-Prices are not cheap, a bit/byte/bite pepper in
> the soup which makes it spiecy.
> if/else:
> this metaverse can be used as a game, role-play, adventures,
> car/airplane races (dogfight), simulation of X etc. or/and just beeing
> there, experimenting, research, building community, family - feeling the
> grid and getting in touch with cyberjesus.
> A chaotic monarchic Academia just for Avatars,
> http://synthetic.ning.com/
> and a place to start Odyssey: a simulator in Second Life dedicated to
> art and performance, there are some machinmia from students and friends
> uploaded,
> http://odysseyart.ning.com/video/video/listForContributor?screenName=moswitzer
> greetings
> mm.
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